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Friday, December 17, 2004

Your Loved One Is Missing!!!

In February 2003, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a multi-part series entitled "Without a Trace." It reported the neglect, indifference, and poor training of law enforcement agencies handling of missing person cases. The series was nearly ignored by our two local newspapers, perhaps because they did not want to embarrass local agencies that handled the Carissa Benway missing person-turned-homicide case. The P-I's series is still available here.

As a result of the P-I's series, several Washington State agencies updated and upgraded their missing person procedures. Additionally, Attorney General Christine Gregoire formed the Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Task Force to develop tools to aid law enforcement and victims' families.

The AG's press release is available here.

The booklet "Your Loved One Is Missing!!!" is available here. You will need Adobe's PDF reader to view the booklet. This booklet is a must-read-and-have. It provides structure and guidance that can help victim families and friends work more effectively with authorities to recover a missing loved one.


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