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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Border Security - Depends What Your Definition of IS_IS

From 1998 until 2004, International Microwave Corp. installed a $239 million system of integrated sensors and video cameras along the Mexican and Canadian borders. The federal contract was let by the Border Patrol and Immigration and Naturalization Service. The system, the Integrated Surveillance Intelligence System (ISIS), was supposed to improve the agencies' ability to detect and locate illegal border crossers.

This Government Computer News article from February 7, 2000, describes the system as it was touted then.

But then the General Services Administration (GSA) undertook an investigation and found that many of the system's components were not working properly. They also found poor design and poor contract oversight has "...placed Americans in danger" according to a former Border Patrol chief.

An article in the April 11, 2005, Washington Post describes the GSA investigation into the ISIS debacle.

A map of the United States shows that the Spokane sector has 220 sensors but no video cameras installed along the Canadian border from Eastern Washington through Northern Idaho.


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