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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pizza and Honors

On Tuesday, June 7, 2005, I attended a pizza lunch and awards ceremony in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department at Eastern Washington University (EWU) in Cheney. The ceremony was to honor the three top Criminal Justice students in EWU's 2005 graduating class. It was an honor to have been invited and to be able to applaud these three exceptionally gifted students who, in addition to completing the academic requirements for their Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, were also campus leaders and teaching assistants.

Remember these names. These soon-to-be graduates will make an indelible mark in criminal justice:

Colleen Gillespie is a brilliant student who will soon head for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. If she chooses not to make the Corps her career, she will be snapped up by the Drug Enforcement Administration. She has an eye and a mind for detail. She was this year's recipient of the V.A. Leonard Award.

Andrea Folk is from Canada. She is a killer golfer and plans to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I'm guessing that one day soon I will see her in combat gear rappelling from an RCMP helicopter, followed by a tour with The Ride, and thence into the command positions with the RCMP.

Rosie Warfield is the third academic whiz and student leader. I don't have the foggiest idea what career Rosie is going to pursue, but I could see her making revolutionary changes in correction systems before (hopefully) imparting her knowledge and experiences to students in a university somewhere.

These three exceptionally bright and articulate women received their well-deserved awards from Dr. Dale Lindekugel, Professor and Department Chair, from Professor Jay Moynahan, and from lecturer,intrepid lawyer, and social worker Pamela Indahl.

This was a challenging year for the Criminal Justice program at EWU. Dr. Lindekugel's predecssor passed away suddenly, and a key professor resigned. The remaining faculty and staff redoubled their commitment and efforts, aided by the three students who were honored at the lunch yesterday.

It is worthwhile and important to distinguish between criminal justice education programs like those at EWU or Washington State University and law enforcement training programs taught at community colleges such as North Idaho College. The distinction is between education and training. Students graduating from four-year university criminal justice programs have not received vocational training. What they have hopefully received is far more important: They have learned to think clearly and communicate effectively. They have learned to recognize what they don't yet know and seek more knowledge. They have learned to develop their skills as resource managers. They have progressed from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty. Criminal justice program graduates may pursue careers in corrections, juvenile and adult justice, and law enforcement...or they may not. They are not limited by the boundaries of vocational training. And even if the criminal justice program graduates pursue careers outside criminal justice, they will be perpetual assets and contributors to the communities where they live.

I'm looking forward to following Colleen's, Andrea's, and Rosie's careers. Remember their names. You will see them again.


Blogger D.Rey said...

Nice report of the awards event, it's always nice to see other folks recognizing the quality of our graduates...

10:41 AM, June 22, 2005  
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