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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Elder Abuse and Neglect

The population in the United States is living to be older. Importantly, the aging population is enjoying a better quality of life until they die.

Well, some of them are. Unfortunately, some are not. Those of us who grew up with loving, caring parents and grandparents and who had the opportunity to return that love and care to them in their declining years have difficulty accepting that some children and grandchildren abuse and neglect them.

Elders, like all other elements of our population, can be abused and neglected. But with the elderly, the abuse and neglect sometimes goes undetected longer. Elders are sometimes almost the invisible among us because they are no longer in the workforce, they may not be as active socially, and sadly, they may be seen as a burden to family members who support them.

It is important for our population to better understand elder abuse and neglect so it can be reduced if not eliminated. Toward that end, the US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, published an Issues and Practices report entitled Our Aging Population: Promoting Empowerment, Preventing Victimization, and Implementing Coordinated Interventions.

It is long, 313 pages, but worth reading selectively if not completely.


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