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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Never Say Die; Just Say "Renew!"

Saturday's snail mail brought a letter from AARP. It was addressed to my mom, Thelma McCrory. The outside envelope had the printed message, "It's not too late to renew your AARP membership."

Hmmm. It may be a smidge too late. Mom died in June 2003.

When Dad died about 11 months before Mom, I sent AARP a letter notifying them of his death and cancelling his supplemental medical insurance. After Mom died, I sent an identically worded letter.

Evidently AARP thinks its benefits are so good, they're worth paying for even after death. I plan on sending the unopened solicitation envelope back to AARP (yeah, I know, a waste of postage...) with my own comment affixed. It will read, "Died in 2003. Still think it's not too late to renew? Do you give a post-mortem discount?"

Mom and Dad would be laughing.


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